I needed a business card holder, so I used the leftover yarn from the mittens pattern to create one in crochet!


w 1 skein Himalaya -Wool Silk orange red
w 1 skein Bartlett -Glen Tweeds lovat

w F crochet hook


-with F hook and MC chain 17, work 1 sc in 15th ch from beg, sc across to beg
-ch 1, turn, work sc across
  (16 sc including turning ch)
-work 11 more rows of sc
-ch 2, turn, work 1 hdc in front loop of each
-ch 2, turn, 1 hdc in each
-ch 1, turn, 1 sc in front loop of each
-ch 1, turn, 1 sc in each
-work 3 more rows sc
-switch to CC, 7 rows sc

-ch 13, work 1 sc in 10th ch from beg, sc to end
-ch 1, turn, 1 sc in each
-ch 1, turn, 1 sc in each

-fold large crochet piece in half (the hdc rows will be the squared bottom) and take one side piece and sew the edges to the sides of the large piece.  repeat for other side

-with CC and F hook, pick up 5 sts on 2nd row from top
-work 10 rows sc
-ch 5 and secure to opposite side to make a loop for the button
-sew a button to the front of the piece


copyright 2005 - kpixie

may be distributed freely for personal use only.  
cannot be reprinted on the web or otherwise without permission