A very simple knit for a beginner.
This fancy looking neck warmer looks great worn over a regular shirt or a fancy outfit!

Wear it at work when your neck gets cold but don't want to wear a scarf, wear it over that boat neck shirt you love so much, and make sure to bring it out on the town!  I've had so many compliments on mine, so be careful, everyone is gonna want you to knit them one!


w Blue Sky Alpacas
   -one skein Bulky 1004 polar bear
OR one skein Bulky Hand Dyes

w US 15 needles
or size to get
gauge of: 2.5 sts = 1"


-with US 15 needles, cast on 14 sts

Row 1: knit across
Row 2: purl across

-repeat rows 1 and 2 for a total of 50 rows (or until you almost run out of yarn) 

-bind off

-fold knitted piece in half lengthwise and tie the top corners together, do not sew seam.

-slip over your head and leave the open section on one sholder

copyright 2005 - kpixie

may be distributed freely for personal use only.  cannot be reprinted on the web or otherwise without permission