simple to make, will fit any cell phone!  works great with lightweight handspun yarn.


w any yarn, any hook! 

w one cell phone

ch = chain
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet


-with any size crochet hook, ch as many sts as your cell phone is wide
-1 sc in second ch from hook, sc to beg, work 2 more sc in same ch
-rotate work to sc along the other edge of the ch, work 3 sc in end
-start working in a spiral, not turning work:  1 sc in each sc around
-work until you reach the screen on the outside of your cell phone.  (as you work rounds of sc, slip the piece onto your cell phone and work until you reach the bottom of the screen)
-next round:  ch 3, turn, work a round of dc until you reach the other edge of the screen, ch 1, turn, work one round of sc back to the beg ch 3
(if your screen is large, work a few rounds of sc until you can see the screen through the hole you make)
-now ch as many sts to reach across the top of your screen and slip stitch to the other side, continue to work rounds of sc until you reach the top of your cell phone
-decrease a total of 4 sts around the top to make it fit snug
-add a little crochet triangle to the spot where your antenna is, and you're done!

copyright 2005 - kpixie

may be distributed freely for personal use only.
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