These are our instructions for modifying the "Clapotis" pattern at Knitty.com to be scarf sized, using South West Trading Company yarns.


w click here to print the pattern
   at knitty.com

w South West Trading Co.
   - one ball Bamboo
     and one ball Melody
   OR 2 balls Bamboo,
     held together

w US 9 needles


-Follow Clapotis pattern to Section 2
-work Section 2 only once, and repeat Rows 1 to 6 once  (35 sts)

-Section 3, work 8 times  (you'll have 8 unraveled rows)

-Then work decreases of Section 4
-work Rows 1 to 12 once, and then Rows 1 to 10 once

-Finish scarf by working Section 5 (Final Rows)

ALTERNATELY:  knit Clapotis full size with 4 balls of SWTC Phoenix!
                       click here to see Beth's Clapotis knit with color Candy

We also stock Lion and Lamb if you want to knit the "real" version  ;-)

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